‘Our mission is to stock the very best, high specification performance Audis;
fastidiously prepared and backed up by a class-leading warranty’


Selection and Purchasing


All of our cars are carefully selected for specification, to ensure that they’re as well appointed as possible. Our purchase team pride themselves in their product knowledge and are able to scan build records for each car before considering purchase; ensuring only desirable high specification examples are selected.

Service History

Prior to purchase, we confirm and verify the vehicle’s service records with the relevant servicing agents. For late vehicles, we cross-check records against Audi’s digital service schedule database also. If there are serious omissions with service history, the vehicle will be rejected.


All vehicles are carefully appraised for cosmetic condition and allowances made for any minor refurbishment necessary. We only consider Audis that have been well cared for; poor examples are simply overlooked.


We perform a comprehensive HPI check on every single vehicle we purchase (you’re welcome to have a copy) to ensure that there are no questions or discrepancies over its identity, that there is no outside interest in the vehicle from the police or other official bodies relating to theft or ownership, that there is no outstanding finance (where appropriate, we will settle the balance of the previous owner’s agreement), that there is no accident history and that the recorded mileage is correct. All of this information is insurance backed by HPI for your safety and peace of mind.

The Preparation Process

Cosmetic Reconditioning

Whilst we only ever select exceptional Audis, small marks, windscreen chips and kerbed alloys can often be an inevitable result of daily use. We ensure that our Audis are brought up to tip-top condition, using a wide range of specialists to ensure the workmanship is to a very high standard.

MPI – Multi-Point Inspection

At the point of sale, we perform a thorough Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) to give us a comprehensive and accurate appraisal of the vehicle’s condition and any work it requires before it is ready to leave. The inspection covers all of the major mechanicals, electrical systems, a diagnostic, and finally a road test. All of our technicians spent the early parts of their careers within the main dealer network before joining us to further specialise in Audi’s flagship offerings. We maintain current, manufacturer training standards with Audi UK, which we supplement and enhance with our own experience.


If any outstanding or imminent service requirements are identified at the time of purchase or inspection, this will be carried out by our trained technicians to ensure that your service history is complete and correct. Paper service books are stamped up to date and vehicles registered from 2013 have maintenance work recorded by us on Audi’s internal database.


Not dissimilar to the list of items an MOT tester inspects, but in greater depth. With the vehicle on a lift, our technicians go through a checklist of mechanical parts and identify any areas requiring or nearing work.

Electrical Systems

Not every fault can be seen; we utilise exactly the same diagnostic equipment as franchised dealers, allowing us to interrogate and inspect the electrical systems of every modern Audi. Any anomalies reported by the car’s ECUs are logged and investigated. Any issues requiring work or repair are reported as ready for correction.

Road Test

Our technicians perform a road test to ensure that what looks good in the workshop performs well on the road too. They will drive at a variety of different speeds and on different roads to look for any problems or behaviours that may not have been apparent with the car stationary.


Our valeting team will take each car and give it the attention it needs to look as good as it possibly can. On the outside of the vehicle, any dirt/contamination on paint, wheels, under arches and door shuts is removed before the car is machine polished to restore its factory shine. The engine bay and boot are also cleaned and detailed. Inside, all carpets, surfaces, and seats are cleaned to remove any dust, dirt, or marks, and ensure it smells fresh.


If you like to keep your car looking its absolute best and protect your investment, we recommend applying Autoglym LifeShine products. When the car is valeted and completely clean, we can (as an optional extra) protect the car all around with a selection of fully warranted Autoglym treatments. Paintwork protection seals the bodywork and protects it from dirt, detergents, UV fading and fallout (it also gives a great shine with minimal effort). Upholstery protection seals leather, Alcantara, and cloth seats from spills and staining. Glass protection repels water for optimum visibility. LifeShine is warranted for life on vehicles under 5 years old at the time of application and includes a car care kit too.


Once through our pre-delivery process, all vehicles leave us with a warranty; you can read about the inclusive policy in detail here.

Extended Warranty

For customers wishing for the ultimate peace of mind, we offer an enhanced level of warranty cover that you can read about in full here.

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